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Heart in Captivity by Jenna Gee

Back at the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to explore and connect with my creativity in new ways. The seeds were planted, and they have started to bloom. I have begun to blossom from the inside out. I don’t feel like the same person I was a year ago…I mean, I have grown. I feel wiser and much more in touch with the call of my heart and soul. I feel ready to dance like no one is watching, even if they are all staring, shaking their head in confusion, or even laughing. Hey, why not just invite them to join in, to let their inner-child free.

I am free. I am letting myself out of the cage that I’ve felt trapped in for so long. Maybe a prison of my own making…afraid of failing, of others judging, but mostly, afraid I didn’t have what it takes to follow my own dreams. For so long, I’d heard the voices of those that wanted me to take the practical road, those that reflected their own doubts and fears onto me. I understand change is scary, but we can stay in one place for too long…outstay our welcome. What’s the point of having wings if you don’t allow yourself to fly?

My journey up to now has not been for naught; it has come with necessary lessons. There have been many beautiful souls who have made a difference in my life. Just as I know, I’ve touched the lives of many as well. I have enjoyed the roles I’ve played in the last decade of my life, but now it’s time to bring this chapter to a close. There are officially just a few loose ends to tie up to finish this chapter and prepare for the next to begin.

By the beginning of December, I will be officially writing a new chapter. I’m looking for creative writing remote/freelance jobs that feel inspired and like play. I want to be free to work independently, have a lot more flexibility, and write creatively in a way that feels playful…yet impactful. That is something I consistently aim to do with my art and writing, whether simply bringing a smile to someone’s face or empowering them to believe in themselves. There’s always an impactful message within my art and writing waiting to touch the hearts and lives of others.

For too long, I have been choosing what other people wanted for me, neglecting what I wanted for myself. I’ve come to realize it’s ok to choose myself, that it’s not selfish to do the things that I feel called to do, to speak my truth, to follow my own dreams…even if they don’t look like what is safe or easy. Being an artist has taught me that the most beautiful results don’t come without taking risks.

Back in June, I started feeling called to finally bring an illustrated poetry book to life. Then, in July, a title and theme came to life. I have written nearly 40 poems and completed several illustrations. I’ve decided that it will include a total of 42 poems/illustrations broken down into 6 or 7 sections. I have even envisioned what the book will look like.

This project is near and dear to my heart. I have been seeing the theme and sub-themes of this poetry book come up in my life a lot recently. I have seen them in posts in the blogosphere, on social media, and in conversations. I believe this book will touch the hearts and souls of many. I need and want to share this heart-touching book with the world.

Below I am sharing a poem and illustration from the book I have been feeling called to share. Please, if it moves you or your feel called to share, you have my blessing! Just make sure to tag it back to me/credit me in any of your shares. Thank you as always for all your love and support!! 🥰

Heart in Captivity

My heart in captivity

Desire, passion locked away

Hanging in the balance

Beyond sight or sound

Only an echo of what used to be

A shadow of what could be

Oh sweet love, unbind me

From this web of self-doubt

Reflect your love inward

Only you can set me free

Endings and New Beginnings; Answering the Call of Your Heart


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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4 thoughts on “Endings and New Beginnings; Answering the Call of Your Heart

  1. yea Jenna, congrats on the book! I am sure it will touch many hearts!

    Sounds like you have decided to quit paid employment and take the plunge … that’s both brave and liberating 🙂
    Am so excited for you, good luck with all of it!

  2. i feel you Jenna.. it felt so good to just do what you wanted to do and never get to worry an employer (although with all due respect, some need one still, but if anyone can afford to work freelance, its very liberating).. congratulations on your new book…I am so thrilled for you… can’t wait to finally see that.. let me know please..

    1. It is a very freeing feeling for sure. Of course jobs of all kinds are still necessary…and what works for one individual isn’t always for everyone. Thank you Mich, I will definitely let you know for sure. I still have quite a few illustrations to go, they definitely have a much time consuming process than the poems. 😉♥️

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