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If you’ve missed the first parts of the story, they will be linked below. Have fun and enjoy!

Margie’s mind instantly filled with a list of questions. Though she wanted to just start blurting them out, she allowed Moonlight’s calming presence to soothe her. She knew her timing was important, that was one thing this energetic force field was teaching her. So instead, she smiled and gestured for Essie to sit in the armed chair beside her. Margie saw Essie’s eyes pause on the books sitting in front of her on the table with curiosity, but she chose to not say anything, almost as if she was assessing Margie the same way Moonlight had.

Margie followed the little voice that told her to pick up the book of Timeless Tales, as she did so Moonlight jumped gracefully onto Essie’s lap. Margie couldn’t help thinking they were quite the pair of ethereal beauties sitting perfectly poised as Margie’s insides tingled with warmth. This time the warmth was like a wash of comfort filling her with confidence as she turned to Essie and said, “Do you remember me purchasing this here last night?” Essie slowly nodded with recognition and patiently waited with the understanding that Margie had more to say.

Margie briefly hesitated, resisting that little pang of fear and self-doubt that attempted to break the natural flow of knowing coursing through her. Margie was learning to trust herself. She recognized that in that instant, the old Margie was fading into a new confident woman who faced her fears, not because she wasn’t still terrified, but because the fear of not knowing and trusting herself terrified her even more. Margie opened directly to the page that had been haunting her thoughts all day. 

There on the page in front of them was the portrait of a young woman sitting with a fluffy white cat on her lap wearing a midnight blue gown that made her fair complexion, silver-blonde hair, and blue eyes glow in the warmth of the fireplace behind her. Margie could not put it out of her mind how much she not only resembled Essie, but the picture of her mother in her locket. Margie instinctively reached for her locket with one hand. Essie seemed to read Margie’s mind as she took the book from Margie so she could unfasten and open her locket.

Without hesitation, Margie stated, “this woman reminds me of you and my mother.” Essie seemed only a little thrown off guard as Margie, opened her locket and showed her the picture of her mother. Essie closed the book and traced the symbol on the front of the book and said, “Only when the two destined lines of Vanya and Ó hAodha unite, can the light of truth shine again within the world.” Margie stared speechlessly at Essie, trying to comprehend what she had just said. The force field crackled with electrifying fire all around Margie, the hair on her arms stood up, and yet one smile from Essie seemed to ebb the burning sensations coursing through her and bring her back to the moment.

Essie stood up with an air of authority and determination, and stated, “let me get us some food, this is going to be a long conversation that requires proper nourishment.” Margie smiled and nodded, recalling her earlier thought of apple cider. Essie without missing a beat smiled, “two heaping bowls of pumpkin chili and steaming mugs of warm apple cider coming right up!” As Essie left the room, Margie picked up the book of Timeless Tales reopening it to the page she had shown to Essie only moments before, and for the first time noticed the quote Essie had uttered beneath the portrait. However, before she had time to contemplate her thoughts any further, Essie appeared with their supper.

Timeless Tales Part 6: The Light of Truth


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