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In one word how does this make you feel?

Recently I’ve admittedly been in an emotional funk. I’ve found myself happily escaping into one book after another, which has long been a loving ritual since childhood. It provides me with a safe place and soothes my mind, providing me with much hope and comfort.

This sudden realization (which I’ve always known at my core) hit me after an emotional whirlwind of release and all I longed for was the comfort and safety of my current book. This triggered an inspired train of thoughts. I decided to conduct an experiment using my art…and maybe even my writing… But let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves, let’s start here. How does this artwork make you feel in one word?

In One Word: How Does This Make You Feel?


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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33 thoughts on “In One Word: How Does This Make You Feel?

    1. Thank you Kate, this is true indeed. I feel it’s harder to pull out my normal creativity. But I stumbled upon my art folder on my computer and this did indeed feel warm and inviting. ❤️

      1. I posted about that a few days ago in “invite”, think we need a healthy dose of our own past posts or browse those we know inspire us!

      2. Yes indeed! I’m not absorbing any of the sadness and other anxiety creating things this weekend. I need to make extra space for self-care. I’ve been craving connection, though I feel myself pushing away from it and sinking inside the recesses of my mind. I was excited to hear from you today and it made me smile and know I needed to reach out and connect.

      3. yea, you know that you are loved and precious, you have so much talent to share but I’ve no idea how this is personally impacting your family right now … not good I suspect!

      4. The school situation and my job are at the forefront of my stress. This storm added some extra stress, some health issues with my mom. There’s been a lot. Hurricane season is enough of a natural stressor with lots of other things that are going on too. Though I know I am strong and have support all around me. ❤️

      5. Indeed (though not a mom) daughter, sister, wife, and teacher… I definitely feel a deep sense of responsibility in so many areas of my life. Though I know I have to take care of myself too. Very true my dear Kate, all things in small steps and progress will be made we’ll all pull through. 😊❤️

  1. Bewildered.

    As this art work triggered my confusion, regarding out current situation. I dont understand why despite of all the effortst of concerned governemnt officials and even concerned groups and people …there are still those who are better of making things more complicated than simply obey rules for the meantime to keep order.

    I am confused as why some people chose to nurture hate rather than love, when we are in fact with a very difficult situation and that all we need right now is probabaly love.

    1. The depth of your reaction is understandable. So many have responded to this with a feeling of warmth and hope. It sounds like the reflection of the troubles, frustrations, and darkness was reflected back…when more people could choose kindness and love for the good of all. ❤️

      1. But your art is really beautiful…its just that it triggered that kind of emotion in me..which means that it is very provoking in a really positive sense as i am able to recognize that kind of emotion which i thought i never had..

      2. Thank you Mich 😊❤️ all the arts have the potential and ability to move us in unexpected ways. That’s part of my love for writing and drawing. 😃❤️💞

      1. It an illustration from two years ago and I came upon it yesterday and it made me feel comforted, at peace, and gave me a sense of hope. I wanted to see what feelings it sparked for others. 😊❤️

  2. Bright sunshine!

    Jenna, I hope you are coping well with all that is happening. Like you, I retreat within myself to reemerge stronger. Sending you loads of love.

    By the way, likes and comments are not visible in the reader.

    1. Thank you Punam my dear, it’s definitely a rocky path of ups and downs. Overall I’ve been taking extra time for self-care, which helps. I’m trying to give myself a lot of grace. As you said, taking time go within, find my strength, and growing stronger. I hope you and your family are doing well my dear! 🤗 💗 🤗 💗

      Hmmm..I’m not sure how to fix that. However, I will look into it.

      1. You are welcome, my dear. Yes, self-care is so important. Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations from self. We are all well. Sending you lots of love and hugs. You are always welcome. ❤️🤗

        Even I don’t know how to fix it. Try to reschedule the post, maybe!!

      2. Since I made changes to my WordPress account, I would recommend unfollowing and refollowing….see if that doses the trick.😉

        I’m glad you’re all doing well my dear! 🤗 💞

  3. One word for it is difficult. What came to my mind was: serenity amid chaos. Centre of our being. Okay, maybe, the soul. Yes, ‘Soulfulness’…there is your one word. 😀😀

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