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Callie and Peter sat curled up in their cozy arm chairs, each with a doggy snuggled in their lap or at their feet. A warm cuppa tea and a coffee settled on the stand between them leaving a sweet nutty aroma wafting through the air as they eagerly stirred, flipping the pages of their books.

Intense silence filled the air, as curiosity lingered at the edge of each page. Callie had to know what was to come next…as a rakish duke of the ton waltzed about the ballroom with the most sought after fiery beauty of the season. All eyes watching, some with jealous eyes, some with awe watching the exquisite duo gliding effortlessly across the room, and others looking for the latest gossip.

Peter sat at the edge of his seat disturbing poor Rosey from her slumber. He tapped his foot in urgent suspense as pirates seemed to appear from the sea taking over a merchant ship. The captain called orders to the crew to secure the silks and jewels, all the while, expertly swinging a sword in each hand to defend his ship. He could see the legendary black widow pirate ship cutting hauntingly through the fog. The hairs on both Peter and Captain John De Vincent’s neck stood on end, their hearts racing, and their stomachs churning.

Anticipation filled the room as they sank their ravenous teeth into the taunting brain candy. Poor Clementine sprang from Callie’s lap as she sat up onto her knees sighing out loud, feeling the frustrated pangs of poor Elanora as if they were her very own.

How could he be escorting the Raven haired Enchantress this evening, after all the time they’d spent together. He’d called on her every day for the last two weeks. Her brother and closest friends had tried to dissuade her from allowing his attention but she didn’t want to listen. Now she felt like her insides were crumbling and she would surely shatter into a million pieces if she moved. The outside world appeared oblivious to her inner torment as she glued a well trained smile onto her face and acted the perfect hostess.

Simultaneously, Peter jumped up as Captain John De Vincent quickly maneuvered his way through the throng of Pirates nearing the helm where the Black Widow wove her web of impending doom upon the small crew of the merchant ship. “Eek” Peter bellowed in alarm fearing the fate of the ship and it’s crew.

To the outside world Peter and Callie probably seemed miles apart from each other as they were each catapulted into completely separate worlds, however, their hearts remained anchored in their love for each other and the life they’d created together. They both had a fervent passion for books and the adventures that they lead to right there in the comfort of their own home. While their tastes in brain candy differed significantly, their hearts melded in respect and appreciation for the other’s shared need for out of this world adventure.

Brain Candy: World’s Apart, Yet Together


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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15 thoughts on “Brain Candy: World’s Apart, Yet Together

  1. This is so beautifully written! It covers their passion for reading with the utmost details given to expressions and still keeps their home atmosphere alive, and that’s amazing!

    1. Thank you, I’m so happy all the vibes truly came to life for you! 😁❤️ I’ve been doing a lot of fun reading recently and had a recent discussion about reading and the need for escape, laughter, and adventures in the things we’re reading. I’ve always had a love for books, cozy cafés, and libraries and wanted to bring a bit of this to life in the story.

      1. That’s amazing!! It’s been really long since I came back to reading my novels and blogging, so I’m kind of rediscovering everything again and it’s been really refreshing. Glad that most of us are battling this bleak and dark period of the year by doing something that’s going to keep us emotionally strong. Have a good day!😁❤️

  2. A sweet stroy this one is. I imagine something like this for myself too. Sitting cozily on a chair with a cuppa tea reading books after books. Loved the whole ambiance of the piece. 🖖👍👍👍

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