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If you haven’t already caught the first part of Fluffy’s story, you can check it out here.

Santa’s Penguin Patrol laughed at Fluffy for not listening to Santa’s orders to stand down. A small group snarked, “Ya better watch out, or Santa’s going to cast you out to Snow Drift Village, where all the castaways go.” Fluffy, scowled holding his ground and replied, “Santa would never do that, he’s got a place for everyone.” Puddles, laughed, “You’re such a dreamer! Get your head out of the clouds, Penguins can’t fly!”

Fluffy held his confident pose, until Puddles and his Waddle of followers were all out of sight and sound. Then, his head dropped and he slumped against the wall. Caught up in his thoughts, he didn’t hear the Captain come in. The sound of the Captain’s commanding voice, “Lieutenant Fluffy, you’ve been summoned to Santa’s office,” startled him back to his surroundings. He quickly rose to attention, “Yes Mam!”

Thought’s of panic and despair rushed through Fluffy’s mind, breaking his usual confidence and optimism. Puddle’s words echoed in his mind as he rushed to his igloo and packed his suitcase, ready to run away if it came down to his being cast out. His usual confident determination slowly snuck back in as he marched bravely up the long walk to Santa’s office. As he reached the door he was greeted pleasantly by Holly, Santa’s head elf. She cheerfully held the door open for Fluffy and asked if she could get him a cocoa.       

Fluffy responded feeling more at ease, “Yes please, with extra whip and chocolate sprinkles if it’s you don’t mind.” She gave a big reassuring smile, “It’s no trouble at all.” Of course Santa’s head elf would be extra friendly and generous he thought to himself. After all, Santa was always so jolly and giving. He began to laugh at his worry over what Puddles had said, he was just trying to look tough in front of the other penguins.

Fluffy puffed out his chest and stood at attention as he saluted Santa, “Lieutenant Fluffy reporting for duty Sir.” Santa chuckled, bemused by such formality, not even the captain talked to him this way. Granted, she had known him for many years. Whereas, this was a new troop trying to prove himself. Little did he know, his honorable bravery had already earned him Santa’s deepest respect.

“Lieutenant Fluffy, at ease my brave little troop,” Santa said kindly. Fluffy’s eyes grew wide, with surprise. Santa let out a soft chuckle as Holly brought Fluffy his cocoa. Fluffy looked up at Santa with questioning eyes, but before he could speak a word…Santa said, “Let’s go for a walk to the stables I’d like you to meet a vet special friend.” Fluffy felt a little confused, but happily followed Santa. “Now, before we get there what you’re about to learn is top secret,” Santa uttered in hushed tones. Fluffy couldn’t believe he was being let in something top secret, by Santa himself! 

Lieutenant Fluffy Reports for Duty: Santa’s Secret


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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42 thoughts on “Lieutenant Fluffy Reports for Duty: Santa’s Secret

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad! 😊 There’s another part to come…after all we have to know what Santa is hiding! 😉

      1. I’m glad…I feel they make me feel the same way and is definitely what I want to do for others. There’s so much negativity out in the forefront daily news and the things that we’re automatically exposed. It sometimes makes forget how much good is out in the world everyday too. 😊🤗💞

      2. you bring so much sunshine, hope and renewal dear Jenna, your stories are truly from a beautiful heart

      3. Thank you Gina 😊 ❤️

        Your heart and light always shine through in your writing my dear. There are so many Kindred Spirits amongst us here 💞

    1. It’s exciting our brave little Fluffy gets to find out Santa’s secret…more on that to come 😉

      1. Aww thank you Kate 😊 ❤️

        I know you will love Santa’s secrets 😃

      2. Very true..after all its like they say timing is everything 😃❤️

      3. 😁❤️ Adorable Fluffy penguins and beautiful magical unicorns definitely are bound to make our hearts smile and sing with joy😉

      4. Awww yes, thank you Kate…what sweet and beautiful tribute to our friends like Fluffy and Felicity who dare to be different.

        I have a new stories all about the North Pole happenings tossing about in my mind. Lol 😉 ❤️

      5. Lol hmm my ears are open 😁

        I was thinking about doing a blog post about throwing around ideas…maybe we need some flamingos 😉

      6. a flamingo and Nemo … or his cousin 🙂
        I’m sure you can expand it out, still fluffy penguins and unicorn reindeer are also cute!

        Maybe get a few themes running and you can move between them. Each would make a lovely story book by the time you’ve finished 🙂

      7. Very true indeed 😁❤️ who knows our friend Luna and her woodland friends might need to come frolicking with us too 😜

      8. exactly … keep posting them as the muse takes and then your book will be written in installments with no pressure 🙂

      9. Thank you Kate, your encouragement and support means a lot to me 🤗 ❤️

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