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The Garden Cafe….

Here the doors are always open

Welcoming you mind, body, and soul

That you may find a place of healing, comfort, and serenity

Embraced in a soothing lull of calm and gentle surrender

Come sit and sip on a remedying balm of tranquility

Shedding away all the layers of hardships, tears, fear

Open your heart to the changing season

Spring bringing forth new growth and transformation

Her tender disposition a refuge without judgment

Let her weave her magic and bring new hope to life

Welcome back to The Garden Cafe my lovely rays of sunshine, come sit and chat with me as we sip a brew of clari-tea, reflecting upon this changing season and the growth that has brought us here along the way.

I’ve returned to my roots of very simple clean whole plant-based foods, as I honestly had faded down a path sometime over the last 2 years where I was eating more processed plant-based foods. I made excuses for it, telling myself I didn’t have the time to balance everything, and that something had to give. While I tried to make super clean choices in the beginning in reality over time I know I became less careful…not to say that I didn’t still try to make healthy choices.

When I’ve been completely honest with myself, I prefer cooking from scratch and creating healthy and wholesome dishes for both my husband and I. Not to say that on occasion there won’t be a slightly processed food, but knowing what those ingredients are and that they are simple, clean, and from wholesome sources is the important thing. That said, I will continue making changes to return to my roots of making delicious new dishes that I can share here with all my wonderful blogging family.

That said, at the moment, my stomach and digestive tract have me on a very limited amount of spices, herbs, and the like, needless to say, it’s made an interesting opportunity for me to be more creative. So many recipes and dishes in the vegan world call for such things as garlic, lemon, and onion, which ordinarily I love, but at the moment cannot eat. I’ve been learning some possible substitutions to explore, it’s like a science experiment in the kitchen.

I’ve made an appointment with a Functional Integrative Medicine specialist. I have faith that I’ve made the right choice and that taking a different path will lead to new growth, healing, and opportunities. I’ve read a lot on the subject and believe in my heart and soul that while there is a time and a place for conventional medicine, I’d rather seek as natural of remedies as I can. Western medicine has gone so far away from its roots in natural healing that it saddens me. However, at the end of the day, we have to use our voice to make active choices for our own health and well-being, which is exactly what I am doing.

I believe that this journey has strengthened my own self-awareness and helped me step more intuitively into my own truth without fear of using my voice. With springtime in the air, I can’t help embracing the call to shed old layers. The last few seasons have been full of both wonderful and challenging moments alike. After such a hearty season of learning my soul seeks renewal and transformation. My heart yearns for those whispered wishes upon a star and longs for new adventures. I’m ready to start planting new seeds and caring for them, so I can watch them blossom and grow.

Return to The Garden Cafe: A Brew of Seasonal Reflection


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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39 thoughts on “Return to The Garden Cafe: A Brew of Seasonal Reflection

  1. love your opening invitation, it is like a welcome into your heart, it is warm and cosy place where I know i can be refreshed.

    am glad you are making new and good choices with food, it is a right path for you. we dont have a lot of processed food where I live, we cook from scratch. but when i travel especially in the States I see aisles of processed food that really alarms me. I am glad you and hubby will be enjoying some variety and willing to try new things.

    take care Jenna and so nice to read your post and how you are getting on. blessings on you always.

    1. Thank you Gina! You’re such a light in my heart and always bring warmth with your words. ❤️

      You’re so right it’s scary to think of “natural” it seems to the average American to have such processed and genetically engineered food. Growing up exposed to this societal norm it takes a lot of awareness and willing to educate yourself on a healthier more sustainable lifestyle. Then a lot of commitment to have the confidence to do what is right for you and your health.

      Warm hugs to you my dear Gina, I hope all is well with you and your family…sending lots of love and blessings your way.😊💖

    1. Thank you Kevin, I’m sure God is guiding me in the healing path. It’s been a journey that has increased my sense self-love and awareness. I’m hoping to start a project I’ve put on hold for far too long..and looking forward to working more towards finishing my novel. I know that balancing everything is difficult, but baby steps count and add up and if I always put off finishing they will never be done, but if I at least do a little bit at a time I will appreciate the progress being made. 😊❤️

      1. All your prayers and sweet thoughts are so appreciated! 😊 Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family my dear friend!💖

      1. I think having someone who looks at the whole individual and their unique needs is definitely the way to go and makes all the difference in the world for sure.😊

  2. Like a nice warm cup of tea, the intro poem soothes and comforts. ❤️ Thank you for spreading a little joy today!

    Good luck with your health + diet changes, Jenna! Wishing you the best as you return to your roots and find the best course for your health.

    1. Awww thank you so much, The Garden Cafe is a passion brought in with the new year. I’ve got so many idea both writing and artwork related to creating a place of warm soothing comfort where we can all come together.

      It will definitely get there for sure, making lifestyle changes can be so nurturing. I’ve definitely felt a lot of relief from just simple whole plant based foods. I know it’s not a cure in of itself, but I know making the changes permanent will have so many long-term benefits. 😊 ❤️

      1. Sounds lovely, a retreat for the care-worn soul. I will look forward to visiting The Garden Cafe again! ❤️

        That’s a beautiful outlook. I’m rooting for you as you continue on this journey. 🙂

      2. I’m so happy you enjoyed it and found the Garden Cafe a soothing retreat! ❤️

        Thank you so much, I’ll be sure to give another update after my appointment with the holistic Specialist. 😊 💖

      3. How wonderful! I will look forward to returning to The Garden Cafe in the future. ❤️

        That is a beautifully positive outlook! I’m rooting for you on this journey to better health & lifestyle. Stay strong! I’m sure you’ll make it!

  3. Your garden cafe is such a delight, Jenna. ❤️
    Here too, the trend towards processed food has started but most of us still cook with fresh ingredients from scratch. Wishing you luck with alternative healing and home cooking!
    Warm hugs and so good to see you around. Have a great Easter weekend! 🤗💞💖

    1. There will definitely be more from the garden cafe…I’m painting the sketch that I included in the post and will share it when I’m done. 😊
      Happy Easter weekend to you and your family my dear!🤗 💞 💖

    1. Thank you so much Richa, I’m so happy that the cafe is bringing so much joy!
      I finished painting it and can’t wait to share it…I’m hoping to do so very soon! 😁

      Thank you Richa, warm thoughts, healing prayers, and lots of love to you too!💖❤️

    1. Awww thank you Winnie! 🙂
      I went to a Functional Integrative Specialist more centered on natural alternative treatments yesterday and will start with running some more tests. It looks like a long process ahead, but one day at a time and I will get there. Doing the things that I love like being a part of this wonderful community helps me heel through a positive outlook, which I know is definitely important. 🙂 ❤️🌹

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