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Lovanna walked cautiously down the empty hall the mysterious fog coming to life before her very eyes, thicker and thicker with each purposeful step she took. It made her think about the fog that had enveloped her and Starlight as they’d rode further into the Forbidden Forest, A tell-tale sign that would divert most people from entering, not to, fill them a sense of danger. Lovanna laughed softly to herself realizing she was no longer afraid, just curiously determined.

Suddenly an illustrious beam of light burst through the veil of fog, dispersing the mysterious fog into magical specks that glistened and twirled all around Lovanna, much like twinkling stardust. Lovanana’s eyes danced with excitement as she took in the magical colors of a starry night that enfolded around her. Suddenly, she stood before a grand door at the end of the corridor. A sense of harmony and peace seemed to fill her as she reached to caress the opulent marbled Purpleheart, Cocobolo, and Bubinga wood doors. Laying her hand against the smooth wood Lovanna closed her eyes, echos of strange dreams from childhood came vividly flowing to her, whispers of her grandmother’s gentle words, “someday you’ll understand these dreams dear little one, they are your birthright and destiny.”

Lovanna felt her eyes burn with tears thinking about the darkness that caused her to flee her homelands. She’d spent many happy hours curled up in her family’s library as a child, enthralled by all the magical books and rare manuscripts it held. She remembered stumbling upon a book about ancient wisdom and the magical abilities of spirit woods. These woods were infused with the essence of woodland nymphs as spells of protection. Lovanna had always had the ability to call details to her mind, but never fully understood it as she would be shushed by her father and mother when she tried to talk about it. Her grandmother had promised to share it with her when she was “old enough,” but a few months ago her family and many other families had come under attack targeted by Loki and his minions and her grandmother had been taken, hostage.

So many questions lurked, in the cobwebs of Lovanna’s mind, but a gentle voice that sounded much like her grandmother’s whispered, “soon you’ll understand my dear, keep strong.” Lovanna opened her eyes wide, she knew what this wood door was made of! She felt her energy connect with the spirits of the forest as it thrummed and came to life under her touch. Lovanna made a silent pledge to herself, justice would prevail and her family, homelands, and this castle would once again find the peace they deserve. No sooner this thought been declared and Lovanna was knocked abruptly backward against the wall as the doors flew open as if upon command.

Lovanna wasn’t hurt, just a little knocked off guard as she stood looking pointedly at the zenith of the spherical glass dome ceiling window where astrological and elemental symbols were emblazoned in gold that glistened in the boldness of the full moon peering through the clear night sky. Electric currents washed over her as she was astonished that her exact time of birth and astrological symbol were in direct alignment with tonight’s full moon and appeared to burn the brightest, set on fire by the light of the moon. She wasn’t quite sure yet what this could mean, but every sense about her told her this was no coincidence. Lovanna finally shifted her attention away from the glass dome above her and discovered she stood in the center of a colossal library, and without a doubt, she knew in her heart this room held the answers to her questions.


I want to give a shoutout to Word of the Day Challenge, for always encouraging and supporting the blogosphere to write with such wonderful inspiring, and enchanting words: EmptyLaughIllustrious, HarmonyPledgeJusticeFireZenithElemental

Lovanna’s Journey Into the Unknown Part 7: By the Light of the Full Moon


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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33 thoughts on “Lovanna’s Journey Into the Unknown Part 7: By the Light of the Full Moon

    1. Hehe 😉 Thank you! 😊 There definitely more to come. This story is such a fun and magical adventure to write!😃❤️

    1. Hehe 😉 Thank you! 😊 There definitely more to come. This story is such a fun and magical adventure to write!😃❤️

    1. I agree, libraries are magical…I have so many happy memories of hours spent in the library. I still enjoy a trip to the library! 😁 More to come on Lovanna’s background it was fun having that as a mystery in the beginning. 😉❤️

      1. No worries, it happens, I feel much the same way recently trying to stay on top of everything. But I I know at the end of the day we’re all doing our best and I love every moment that I get spend writing and drawing and sharing it with others, just as much as I love coming to read android interact here with you and everyone else in the circle. The whole experience is worth the wait and time I’m able to delve in.😉😁❤️🌷

  1. Bless you, thank you for the lovely shout out for the Word of the Day, a team i’m proud to say I am a part of, along with Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove and Dee Kelly. You have created a beautiful post with our words. 🙂

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