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There’s something magical about the calmness and serenity one feels when looking at the stillness of a winter wonderland as it appears to glisten in the sunlight or glitter and glow by the light of the moon.

Blanketed beneath the stars

kaleidoscope of snowflakes

Dance and swirl around me

A treasure to behold

I get swept away

by their magical essence

I can hardly catch my breath

A wish escapes my lips

I hope the magic of this snowy bliss fills you with serenity and a sense of winter magic that sweeps you through the rest of the week! Happy Wednesday my lovely beacons of light that continue to fill my heart with happiness each and every day of the weak! Related image

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The Season’s Bliss: A Snowfall Wish


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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33 thoughts on “The Season’s Bliss: A Snowfall Wish

    1. Aww thank you! 😊 I’m happy that the last line leaves a lingering whisper, it’s definitely what I was going for! ❀️

      1. This year I’m feeling the magic of the winter season stronger than I have in years and it’s filling me with this contagious wonder I just want to share with everyone.❀️

    1. Thank you Punam, I think my heart does miss having a white Christmas….though the rest of me is happy that it’s not too cold. πŸ˜‰ Have a wonderful weekend my dear!πŸ€— πŸ’•

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