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This poem was written in succession to the first original post of the Writers Anonymous Collaborative group (WAC),  which I recently joined. We decided to write a renga, a linked poem created by different writers taking turns writing a haiku followed by a couplet. I’m honored to have worked on this piece with such an amazing and talented group of women (Gina, Mich, Punam, Irma, and Kate). Please stop by their blogs as I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

A Writers Anonymous Collaboration

Wherever I go

Old melody of our hearts

Murmurs autumn hymn

The songs we heard and we sang

Break my heart and cause a pang

Once soft, sweet whispers

Like spring, holding me in thrall

Now silent, your voice

Our song is played everywhere

My heart is sore with despair.

We stayed up all night

Talking like we loved to do

Then knowing crept in

Things would never be the same

I miss our forgotten flame

View of broad shoulders

Really gets my heart pumping

But you are long gone

Your absence brings so much pain

I long to spot you again

Rough stubble chin rubbed

My butter soft skin, blushed

A forgotten summer

Saturated throbbing aches,

Now my untouched body shakes

Laundered love flying

Our gathered smells, on the line

Blow the funk away

Forgotten shirt, traitor nose

Exhale! Let it decompose!

Coffee, steaming black

Inhaled with cold winter pine

My nose sought your neck

Now those pungent smells disgust

A sniff relieves me of lust

Loving you was sweet,

Mouth-watering, savory

Your kisses to me

How long it’s been, me waiting

To say it, so long Darling

Our collaboration was inspired by a poem written by Punam about how songs can trigger memories after a breakup. In the comments, we discussed how smells and places can also bring back those painful (and sometimes painfully delicious) memories. And thus the idea to use the five senses to write about experiences after a breakup was born! Since there were six of us, Gina, suggested including the 6th sense, intuition. Fortuitous fabulousness ensued! Ah – serendipity!

This whole group is full of heart, playfulness, enthusiasm, and a contagious passion for the entire process of writing from start to finish!

Sensual Aftermath: A Renga


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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27 thoughts on “Sensual Aftermath: A Renga

  1. your artwork really added dimension to our collab, thank you for coming up with something so beautiful on such short notice and giving us choices to, you are sunshine and happiness in every sense. much love to you Jenna!!

    1. Awww thank Gina, it was so much fun and very much my pleasure! Much love and hugs to you! You all inspired me so much and the vibes of the group are wonderful! I can’t wait to for our next collaboration!😊❤️

  2. It was so sweet of you Jenna to come up with wonderful artwork at such a short notice and it was surely a fun collab. Looking forward to many more! Thank you dear! 🤗❤️

      1. My son and I used to make up stories together called the story of “Okay!” One of us would start and get to a point and say, okay, which was the queue for the other to pick it up and go from there. So much fun!

      2. Lol sounds like fun!😁…
        My story telling and cartooning started very young…first I would draw heart people and write stories about them. Then when my younger sister was about 3 and I was six we shared a room and she wouldn’t fall asleep until I told her a story. She’d tell me what she wanted it to be about and my imagination took it away from there to all sorts of magical lands and adventures. Back then I would have never admitted to my sister how much I enjoyed that…it went on and got more detail as we got older. 😊❤️ Such fond memories!

      3. That’s ok about the journey we take along the way. 😊 I wish I had written down all the stories I made-up and told my sister…lol. Oh well, I still love thinking back on those good times and memories with my sister.

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