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A little tribute to the days in my early relationship with my significant other. When you realize that your heart belongs to your best friend and you’re afraid that they may not feel the same way. I’ve found that it was well worth the leap of faith. It was scary to move beyond the friend zone into a romantic relationship, but being friends first was the best gift and a true blessing.

Questions for My Love

When will he open his eyes and see that I love him?

When will he realize I’ve been here all along?

Does he know that my heart belongs to him?

That my every thought is blocked by him,

And every minute of the day my mind is constantly

Clouded by my heart wanting him so?

Doesn’t he know that all those smiles my face

Has held are because I love him?

Every time I’m near him my body wants to know his touch.

Is he just scared?

Does he not know that my love goes beyond this friendship?

If that’s all it is, I need to know…

Do you feel the same?

This post is written in response to OctPoWriMo Challenge – where you’ll write a “POEM” every day for 31 days, using the prompt word. Follow this link to learn more about it, see other submissions, and to share your own. Come and join in the fun folks!

Day 21-word prompt is “How Will I Know?!

Love and the Universe 3

Poetry Challenge How Will I know: Questions For My Love


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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13 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge How Will I know: Questions For My Love

  1. Wonderful Jenna! That transition from friends to lovers is so difficult when you are not sure how the other person feels. You wonder if you should express your feelings because you don’t want to lose a friend. So beautifully expressed. Love it! 😊🤗💕

    1. Exactly, well said!😊 I’m glad my husband and I turned out well when we both made the plunge to talk about our feelings. It’s absolutely been well worth it. Almost 12 years together.😊🤗💕

    1. Thank you Winnie! Me too, sometimes facing our fears has truly beautiful end results, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.😊❤️🌹

  2. With one of my best friends, I touched upon the subject of “friends with benefits” and she was like “Eww”. I am still scratching my head decades later.

    1. If my now husband would have suggested this I wouldn’t have been happy either. Dating and being in a serious committed relationship is definitely what I wanted.

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