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Okay, so not my usual style of poetry. I was trying to challenge myself to use all of the Merriam Webster words of the day from 10/08/18-10/14/18 all in one poem. It was a challenge and with the word Luddite among the list of words technology automatically became the topic that came to mind.

Take a Stance 2

The list of words that I was challenging myself to include are as follows:

  • Occident
  • Ambivalent
  • Luddite
  • By and large
  • Emblazon
  • Quip
  • Crapulous

In the end, I was happy with how it turned out and you hope you enjoy reading the results of my self-challenge.

Not to say that technology is for everyone but for me, it’s been a wonderful tool that has helped me stay better connected with my friends and family from such a distance. Granted by no means is it the same as being in person with my loved ones, but it truly helps when I can video chat and hear their voice, or just send a quick text of something that made me think of them.

If it weren’t for the advances in technology I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to share my thoughts and art with the world the way that I’ve been able to here on the blogosphere and on social media. I wouldn’t be able to connect with all the wonderful people here on WordPress that have helped me to continue to grow and find my own voice as a writer. It’s empowered me to share and connect in ways that only technology would have made possible.

I recognize that while there are many wonderful benefits to the growing and advancing world of technology there are also increased risks as well. No matter what new inventions come along in our world, there will always be many benefits, as well as risks associated with the benefits. Just as there is light in our world, there is darkness. We must have both to live a “balanced” life. Without the darkness and shadows in the world, we wouldn’t have continued growth and understanding of who we are, we wouldn’t appreciate love, hope, and happiness the same way we do when we think about the pain and sadness that we’ve experienced.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my poem and thoughts on technology.

The Magic of Technology

Have a wonderful day full of hope, light, and love!

Poetry Challenge: Technology Bringing People Together All Around the World


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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15 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge: Technology Bringing People Together All Around the World

    1. Awww thank Winnie! ❤️ 😊 I enjoy using the word of the day on Merriam Webster’s website and Dictionary.com. They always have fun facts and quizzes.😉

  1. Thanks for sharing, dear Jenna 🙂
    Yes a coin has always two sides and so has also the technique – there are positive and negative inventions – the world have become small, means we are all connected living in one “village” called earth.

    Have a great time my dear friend

  2. That’s a splendid poem incorporating all the words of the day. It is fun to challenge our own limits at times.
    I also agree with your take on technology. Had it not been there, we would have never met here! Here’s to technology and to more challenges! Bravo Jenna! 😊🤗💖

    1. Awww thank you Punam for your wonderful encouragement. I’m glad technology has brought us together. Hip Hip Hooray for technology and challenges.😁😊🤗❤️

  3. Great poem and food for thought! Webster dictionary has some interesting words for the day. Working with technology so long, I have seen great advances in a variety of industries, but also seen the downsides as well. I think the TV show Black Mirrors explores the dark side more so. In my life it’s definitely been very helpful! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Technology has definitely been very helpful in my life as well. 😊❤️

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