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I’ve been wanting to create a “Fun Friday Flashback” Tag, I’m so excited to say I’ve finally done it.


Every Friday I will post a questionnaire, photos, quotes and/or a poem on a specific “topic” taking us back in time and nominate 3 bloggers, who in turn will post about that SAME topic (with their own unique spin) and nominate 3 bloggers of their own, spreading the“Fun Friday Flashback” and send them traveling through time and space.

It’s all about taking fun trips down memory lane and choosing the best way possible to travel back in time. Today’s travel through time will take you back to capture the memories of your childhood via your favorite movies or TV shows using character quotes or tv show episode titles from a single movie or show.

  • Thank the Selector and do not forget to tag/create a “ping-back!”
  • Select 3 Bloggers to Join in the fun 🙂
  • Use the tag Fun Friday Flashback
  • Volunteer Voyagers are always welcome aboard this time machine!

1 How would you describe your most mortifying memory as a teenager? Rumor Mill

Sabrina the animated series. had the computer game!

2 How would you describe your first true crush? Dream Date

3 Were you more truth or dare? First Kiss

4 What’s the grossest food you ever tried as a kid? Finger Lickin’ Flu

5 Something you did as a kid that your parents never found out about? Oh What a Tangled Web She Weaves

6 Your biggest childhood fear? Fear Strikes up a Conversation

7 The best thing you could do as I kid you wish you could still do as an adult?

8 The scariest movie you ever saw as a kid? Murder on the Halloween Express

9 How would you describe your family’s strangest tradition? Third Aunt from the Sun

10 What was your favorite childhood toy? A Doll’s Story

11 When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Sabrina, the Teenage Writer

12 What did you name your first car? My Nightmare, The Car

13 What is special about the place you grew up? No Place Like Home

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Cast14 What would be an amazing adventure to go on? Sabrina in Wonderland

15 What’s your favorite food or beverage? Pancake Madness

16 What kind of pet did you want as a kid? A Girl and Her Cat

17 What was your favorite way to spend your summer as a kid? Beach Blanket Bizzaro

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

18 Your favorite holiday as a kid? Christmas Amnesia

19 As kid were more often in trouble than not? The Good, the Bad and the Luau

20 If  the story of your childhood was a book, what would the title be? Aging, Not So Gracefully

21 TV Shows That Make You Believe In The Power Of Family: When you're a teenage witch, the only people who can really understand you are your cool aunts and your cat named Salem.
Three fun and quirky empowering women that were a part of my journey into womanhood.

21 What fictional place did you always to go to? Sabrina’s Real World

22 What do you think your most annoying habit was as a kid? Jealousy (my older sister getting to do things I couldn’t do)

23 Childhood traits that still describe you as an adult? Geek Like Me

24 What super power did you always want? Now You See Her, Now You Don’t

25 Do you have any crazy roommate stories (siblings count)? Sabrina’s New Roommate


  • Thank the Selector and do not forget to tag/create a “ping-back!”
  • Select 3 Bloggers to Join in the fun 🙂
  • Use the tag Fun Friday Flashback
  • Volunteer Voyagers are all welcome aboard this time machine!

I’m selecting three amazing bloggers Richa, Winnie, and Joseph please check out their blogs and I promise you a wonderful discovery! Also, I open the time machine of adventure to all those who are up for a fun adventure!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the 90’s flashback!

What decade or ring brings back the best memories for you? 

Making every day a little brighter, 

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Fun Friday Flashback: The 90’s My Life as Sabrina the Teenage Witch


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    1. You’re welcome, take your time, there’s no rush!❤️
      Thank you, it was a lot of fun doing! 😊

    1. No worries, you were faster than I probably would have been! 😉 …I attempted three shows before settling on Sabrina. ❤️ 🙂

      PS Your answers were adorable and fun! ❤️

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