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My intuition is my inner superhero! So many times my intuition has helped me out of awkward or difficult situations or prevented me from making a mistake that I would have felt embarrassed by. Still, at times I forget to tune in and listen to my inner voice. On the flip-side, sometimes I listen and choose to tune it out because of my own self-doubt or because I feel outside my comfort zone. There are five things that I find helpful in connecting with my intuition.


1. Clear Your mind and Find Your Inner Calm

I find that when I’m having a difficult time connecting with my intuition that my mind is so full of worry, doubt, negative self-talk, or a sense of overwhelm. The first step I find that need to do to help quiet my mind is to meditate and find inner calm and stillness.

2. Ground Yourself

Once my mind is cleared, I follow-up with some yoga. Yoga helps me feel more grounded and connected to myself and the world around me. I know that if stop after step one, whatever was bothering me has a way of sneaking its way back up.

Art Journal 4-14 to 4-16-2018

3. Reflect with Honesty

Journaling helps me to listen to my inner thoughts and reflect on them with honesty. I use a variety of journaling techniques. These techniques include bullet journaling, art journaling combined with creative writing. I enjoy using affirmations and quotes that I feel resonate with how I’m feeling at the moment.


4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Be willing to move beyond your comfort zone. This is a challenge for any of us! I find it easier to break it down my final goal into mini goals. Setting mini goals helps you:

  • Feel in control
  • Decrease stress
  • Track progress
  • Feel motivated
  • Feel a sense of achievement
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Helps you prioritize for an efficient outcome

Dreams and Fairy Tales

5. Find Inspiration

Finding inspiration as I set my mini goals helps me feel excited and ready for action. That inspiration may come from things such as; searching for locations to visit and explore, taking a new class to enhance my skills, or simply finding a quote that moves me. This step is unique to each individual. Personally, it is my favorites step in the process (other than reaching my end goal).

5 Steps to Help You Connect with Your Intuition


Hello, my rays of sunshine! I’m Jenna Gee, aka the Sunshine Artist, always seeking to brighten the world around me and seeking to help others embrace the magic that’s inside them. Every day is an empty canvas waiting to be painted and an empty page waiting to be written. Let’s fill today with the magic of the world around us!

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7 thoughts on “5 Steps to Help You Connect with Your Intuition

  1. As a very logical person, I used to ignore my intuition when it didn’t seem to make sense. I finally learned that was a mistake. My brain was putting together information that wasn’t available to me on a conscious level. Now I pay attention always.

    1. I feel like it’s just our instincts telling trying to protect and guide us in the right direction. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore when we feel anxious or nervous because it’s outside our comfort zone, but I can’t say I’ve ever been steered wrong by listening to my intuition. 🙂

  2. You’re right, it is often difficult to tune into one’s intuition – sometimes even when we want to! I also find that yoga helps, it seems that it helps “exercise” the worries away. 😉 Adding your journal pages is a fun touch!

    1. I like your perspective on the “exercise your worries away! 🙂 …I’m glad you enjoyed the addition of my journal pages. My journal is a daily creative outlet for me, and it helps me connect with myself on so many levels.

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