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Self-love is such an important topic. We’re our own worst critics. We have this need for perfection, but life isn’t perfect. Life is a canvas full of beautiful imperfection. It’s the imperfections that make it so perfect and wonderful. I think about many individuals social media presence, it looks so “picture perfect,” and we find that we compare ourselves to those individuals, but more and more people are saying this isn’t real. In other words, life needs to be relatable because we know life isn’t perfect. We need to learn to accept our beautiful imperfections and know that we are enough. That it’s the whole package, flaws and all that makes us interesting and relatable.

As individuals, we know our family and friends love and accept us for who we are. They see both the good and the bad. They love and accept us unconditionally, even our frustrating little quirks because it’s the whole package that makes us who we are. That doesn’t mean that we should ever stop striving for self-growth and improvement. Rather, it means we need to learn to be a friend to ourselves.

Accept Yourself:  As your friends and family members have done. Learn to accept your strengths and your weaknesses. This is the first step in saying, “I like who I am because I’m unique and special and there’s nobody else just like me.” It gives you the freedom to move beyond having to define yourself by the standards of someone else and define who you are as an individual. It gives you the freedom to grow.

Self-Confidence:  Being your own best friend, you build yourself up when faced with a challenge, rather than tear yourself down. We call this using positive self-talk, it’s the kind things we say to ourselves that we would tell our best friend or loved ones to help them through a tough time.

Make Time for You: Schedule in time for you each day or week. It’s not selfish to say no or to take time for yourself. If you don’t actively take care of yourself and make time for yourself, then it’s hard to be in a good frame of mind to meet the needs of others because your own needs are not being met. Just like you schedule in or set aside time to do things with or for friends and family members, you need to be your own best friend and do the same for you.

Bonus Tips: 

  1. Meditation
  2. Make a list of things you like to do (free, low cost, things you’ve been wanting to do, places you’ve wanted to explore or try)
  3. Put it on Your Calendar ranked as high priority and hold yourself accountable
  4. Use Affirmations
  5. Getting 7-8 Hours of Sleep Every Night
  6. Drinking 8-10 Glasses of Water Daily
  7. Getting 30 Minutes of Exercise Daily
  8. Eating a well-balanced Diet
  9. Clean-up & De-Clutter



  • Reduces tendencies toward self-criticism.
    Improves self-confidence and increases tendencies toward personal growth.
    Helps to establish that our feelings or a situation, is not permanent.
    Reduces periods of anxiety and depression and helps to build a positive sense of self-worth.
    Reduce stress and decrease internal/external symptoms of stress.

By setting aside time meditate for a few minutes in the morning, before bed, and as needed daily as part of an ongoing routine, meditation has scientifically been proven as a great source to improve self-awareness, decrease stress, and improve overall self-worth/self-confidence.

Free Meditation Apps 

  • Headspace (Android & iPhone)
  • Insight Timer (Android & iPhone)
    • I personally, don’t find this one helpful, however, it has a lot of really good reviews and if you enjoy connecting and sharing your experiences with others this may be a good choice for you (which is a great way to hold yourself accountable, which studies have found adds around 90-95% increase in sustainability of that goal.)
  • Calm (Android & iPhone)
  • Smiling Mind (Android & iPhone)
  • Stop, Breath & Think (Android & iPhone)

Head Space App

Make a List:

I find it helpful to have a visual reminder or a list of things that I want to do, places I want to go, and things I want to try. Plus, a list of my favorite go-to activities that I enjoy doing the most. For me, bullet journaling/art journaling is a place that I keep my lists and visual reminders. Many individuals find journaling a fun and creative outlet to set personal goals, track achievements, mood, sleep, diet, exercise, travel and more.

I subscribe to this youtube channel and she’s got a lot of really helpful videos and ideas for bullet journaling. There also some awesome resources for step by step tips for setting up a bullet journal on Pinterest.

Scheduling “Me” Time:

Scheduling time for yourself as a planned activity into your daily or weekly schedule helps to ensure that you’re not just an afterthought. It helps to ensure that you don’t put yourself on the back burner as other things work their way onto our to-do-list. I have found this helpful, as well as giving myself some sort of special bonus treat for every 10 “me” appointments I kept (like a special cup of coffee, try a new flavor of tea, get a new nail color for my nails). I do something affordable that I don’t do all the time.

Using Affirmations: 

Some Helpful Apps:

  • Thinkup (Android & iPhone)
    • I just started using this app and so far I really like it (the free edition)!


A regular sleep routine of 7-8 hours a night can highly improve our mood, enhance decision-making skills, and improve our ability to focus. Sleep is a necessary tool to promote balance, health, and happiness in our daily lives.


Check out this Hydration Calculator…I thought it was pretty interesting, though the country selector is a little off. To change from km to lb just go up to the little tab in the top right corner under the Tell us about you section.

Daily Exercise:

Find fun ways to keep moving daily. Just as sleep is important for good overall health and happiness, the same is true for exercise.

  1. Try a new class/join a club
    1. Dance
    2. Yoga
    3. Pilates
    4. Martial Arts
    5. Swimming
    6. Cycling
    7. Running
  2. Team up with a friend partner/find a support system
  3. Hike, Bike, Swim, Rock Climb, Swim
  4. Larping (Live Action Roleplay)
  5. Playing a sport
  6. Geocaching
  7. Active Cleaning (moving around)
  8. Walk/Run for a Cause
  9. Canoeing/Kayaking
  10. Apps that Pay you to exercise…check out 12 Apps That Pay You To Exercise

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Just as sleep and exercise are important so is nourishing your body. As the age old saying goes, “all things in moderation.”

I hope you find this post helpful and interesting. Leave me a comment below to share your tips for self-love and care that help you to live a happy and balanced lifestyle.


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Master the Skill of Self-Love: Becomig Your Best You


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